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How God Turned Mary Pain into Power and Tragedy into Triumph

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Mary is the Founder and Creator of best selling Christian Bible Necklace sold at Today we share her personal story how God heard her prayers and changed her life for the better.

“This necklace made me happy. I only wish to use its charm to radiate smiles all around.” These were the words of Mary when she turned over a new leaf.

Mary always had a difficult life. She was a quiet child. Shy and reserved, she was never comfortable around people.

But she was deeply close to her mother; a religious woman. Pious and pure of character, she used to say to Mary, “Life is like a rose bush. You have to go through the thorns to pick the most beautiful flower. The difficulties in your life are actually your strengths. These troubles are a blessing in disguise. So, my dear, never lose faith. God will help you even if each and every person turns their back on you. Have faith and experience the wonders of being close to God. There can be miracles when you believe.”

Mary never seemed to get what her mother had always told her at the time. Mary was too young to understand. But even when she grew, she did not witness any “miracles” that would specifically bring her closer to God. She had faith in God but her faith was not as strong as her mother’s.

Never had Mary felt as lonely as she did when her mother passed away. It was the most terrible day for her. In her desperate state of mind, she went to her mother’s room. Tears rolled down her eyes as she saw her belongings. She glanced at the side table only to find The Bible that belonged to her mother.

A flashback reminded her of her mother reciting The Holy Book by her bedside. She could still hear her mother’s voice saying, “Mary, always keep this with you. It will guide you through your hard times. Whenever you feel lonely, seek help from The Bible.” Mary sobbed as she promised herself that she will honor her mother’s memory by choosing the right path.

Days passed and Mary continued to live her life as her mother wanted her to. A blessed life indeed as she now had a loving husband and a beautiful baby daughter named Adriel. An innocent baby. She meant the whole world to Mary. For a moment, Mary’s life seemed perfect. She thought that she had reached out and suffered the wounds of the thorns to pick the most beautiful of roses, Adriel. Her rose.

But it is a bitter reality that life never remains constant. Happiness and joy are to be pursued by people and when found, never stay. Adriel was now six years old. She was more charming than ever when she was diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot. A very severe and rare heart condition. Though it can be cured through surgery but the chances of her survival were very slim. 

Mary was distraught on hearing the news. She could not see her little angel in distress. Her faith trembled as she could not believe that someone as harmless as her daughter could be in so much pain. But what could she do? Having faith was the only thing her mother taught her. She kept reiterating to Mary that she should have a firm belief in God and that she should never let go of her faith even in the most terrible of circumstances. Mary was to keep the Bible with her at all times to remind her of the presence of a higher being. And so she did.

Despite all the sorrow and despair, Mary kept confiding in the Holy Book just as her mother told her to. She would bring the Bible with her to the hospital and recite it by Adriel’s bedside. And as days passed by, she decided to make a Bible necklace charm. So, she asked a friend who was a designer to make a miniature Bible for her. She attached a chain to it and hung it around her neck at all times.

“It was a strange feeling for me. I felt a sense of satisfaction and a renewed strength in me. It was the comfort that I felt when The Bible necklace was with me that made me never to lose hope and faith,” said Mary after her account.




“Adriel was too weak to recover. It is only a miracle that she would be able to live her life again.” As these words came out of the doctor’s mouth, Mary burst into tears of joy. She could not contain her happiness.

With nothing to console her except hope and faith, she kept praying for her daughter’s health. And after a few weeks of sufferings, the doctors came out with the good news. They said that her daughter was now out of danger. She was recovering well and Adriel was now feeling strong enough to fight off that illness.

From that time onwards, in the times of trouble, she sought refuge in The Bible. She felt safer and satisfied when she had The Bible with her. It was now that she realized what her mother had told her was true. Miracles were all around Mary from the start. She now had the eyes to see them.

Her daughter’s sickness was a life-changing moment for Mary. She had experienced faith in its purest form. She was able to go through that difficult time in her life with that Bible necklace around her neck. She found peace in the form of that necklace and after that incident nothing in this world could make her sad. She would breeze through her difficulties with a smile and never complained.

Afterwards, whenever she saw anyone depressed, she would advise them to do the same as her. She told them to be strong and have faith. Mary would make more necklaces to distribute it amongst locals in her small town and suddenly she received emails from people around the world asking for her bible necklace.

“I was shocked and amazed by the demand of people from around the world asking for my bible necklace, so I decided to create for anyone that would like to purchase a bible necklace. The only problem I have now I can’t keep them in stock they sell out fast every time I get inventory.” Said Mary.

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